Monday, May 23, 2011

Now introducing...

The 901 gardens!! =) We have started growing things!! Rachel asked for a garden for her birthday, so her dad and grandma came up to our house and they built her one and that was our inspiration!! So, in her garden, there are tomatoes, arugala, lettuce, spinach and some more goodies that I can't remember. =) Then, I planted basil and chives in two seperate pots. Kaley planted some strawberries and I just got done planting cantaloupe, green beans and sugar snap peas! I can't wait to see them sprout over the summer! Here are some pictures of our little gardens!

My two pots with Basil and Chives with my little water gnomes =)
My basil is sprouting!
The chives are kind of there. If you look closely, you can see a teensy weensy little sprout. =)
Rachel's garden!
Love all the green!
The weather + barefoot = perfection. =)
Sugar Snap Peas
and Green beans! Strawberries are by the green beans, but no sign.
The garden by our house!
And, tomorrow morning, Kaley bug and I will be planting these beautiful flowers in front of our house! =) S

I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather!! =D

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