Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kimbo! =)

A couple weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to take pictures of my beautiful friend, Kimberly while she was getting ready for her wedding! I didn't take the wedding pictures, but it was fun to be with all of the girls while they were talking and getting ready for Kimbo's big day! Here are some little sneaks of what I did! (the colors seem to get a little messed up on here too, so not all of them look as good as they do on my computer.) =)

Mal getting ready
Laura loves her coffee...
Her comfort =) Orange Cream Slush!
The amazingly beautiful bride!! (it is washing her face out for some reason...)
Beautiful hair!!
The Bouquet

The mom and her best friends helping her with the dress...
fwHer wonderful mom helping her into her dress... =)
Finishing touches =)
One of her besties and her wedding planner! =)

Kimbo, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this!! Love you!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Camp

This past sunday, I had the awesome opportunity of taking pictures of our summer camp at NewHope. =) It was so fun! I am just learning how to use the Manual setting on my camera too, so it was a perfect opportunity to practice! =) I love love LOVE working with the kids program. I love seeing the innocence of children and their way of thinking that is so simple, yet so awesome! It is an amazing learning opportunity for me and for the other leaders as well! Huge blessing! Here are some pictures! (We had to be inside because mother nature didn't want us to have a water fight apparently...)

The welcome sign =)
The two team signs. I am a Crazy Crocodile leader =)

These two adore each other. It is so cute to watch!
Learning the actions to the songs
Mindi: Our fearless leader ;)
Orange Crush following Miss Mindi
The kids yelling (Yes. Really yelling) our camp chant

The camp chant!
Dawson showing how strong he is...
Moving their paper balls across the line
The paper ball fight between the Crazy Crocodiles...
Orange Crush's turn!
Three great boys enjoying a little treat after Summer Camp =)

My church is AWESOME. =D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sorry I have been absent for a while... My computer crashed, so I am borrowing peoples computers to access the internet. =) First thing, if you haven't read "Heaven is for Real" you absolutely NEED to! It tells a story a little boy who dies for about four minutes and goes to heaven and comes back to Earth. It is so amazing how he tells about heaven. It is how the Bible states it in Revelation. It makes me even more excited because it also talks about him meeting his unborn sister, and his great grandpa who died before he was born. I now know that I will see my dad again! It is such a gift to look forward to! (Not saying I want to die soon, I can wait for death, I just can't wait for Heaven) =) and Second, Before my computer went to *hopefully* get fixed by Superman (Aka: Charlie) I was able to set up a facebook page for my attempt at a photography business. =) I have recently decided that I really do want to be a photographer! So, I think that means that I should start taking steps in that direction. =) So, if you have a facebook, you should 'like' my page!! Creative Passions Photography, but I need to go get ready for work! As soon as I get my computer back, I will post pictures of our garden, and other fun things that we are doing here at the 901! =) But, as of now, you get a boring-no pictures post =) I hope you are staying cool in this gross-humid-hot weather!! Ta ta!