Saturday, May 12, 2012

My little mini me.

So, most of you know the little Sapp girls from recent posts, well let me just tell you. These girlies are truly some of my favorite children. I have loved babysitting them the past two summers and through out the last couple of years. They are growing into such smart, beautiful girls and I can't wait to see what God does in their lives! I know it will be grand! I hope that I can stay in their lives for a while.Well, I posted a picture of Josie and I in yesterday's post, but we took a lot, so I decided to post more of them for a fun, simple post. =) Josie is truly like a little version of me. I love it and I just love her. I don't know what it is, but we just feed off of each other all the time and she just warms my heart when she runs to me in excitement, or brings my camera to me and tells me that we are going to take funny face pictures, or just wants me to read to her (this is the most popular choice). Love. Very rarely, I get some goofy shots with Malia, so I am posting some of those too, but the other night at the bbq, Jos and I probably took about 50 or so pictures together because she just kept asking for pictures and kept making faces! How could I say no to that?! Here you go!

Nater decided to join in on a couple. haha

Favorite. Totally her idea to kiss each other on the cheek and it just made me smile. =)
Malia's turn!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lasts

Tis the season for goodbyes. Oy vey. Well, it is good, but let me just tell you, this year it is probably one of the hardest. I am saying goodbye to roommates that have become family, a worship team of brothers and sisters that have made such an impact on my life, and just telling old friends goodbye and not knowing when I will see them. It is hard. I don't mind growing up, but I just want all of us to live around each other and it will all be grand. =) Whale. I know that isn't going to happen, so I guess I will just deal with my friends graduating and moving away and just soaking in all of these moments we have left together! Here are some pictures of some of the 'lasts' that have been happening. =)

Hanging out with the group from freshman year before we all go separate ways. =)
The Challenge family!! So great!
Girls from my freshman 834 group. Such huge blessings throughout my whole college career.

Last impromtu photo shoot at the 901
Worship team BBQ. Not my lasts with these girls, just had to put some of these up. =) 
Oh these girls are wonderful. I love getting the chance to  babysit them and be in their lives.

Every time. It never fails.
Are they seriously not the cutest!?
They just warm my heart.
Thank you boys. I love you guys too. =)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


(Just a warning. This will be a fairly long post. Sorry!)

 Much of you know that I have been on the Christian Challenge worship team for the last 3 years of my college career. Let me just tell you. There have been different people trinkling in and out while I have been on it, but every year, a new family grows and that family becomes such a blessing to me every year. Casey and I started the same year (our sophomore year) and she is the only other student that has been with me and I just am so blessed by her as a person. I love getting new challenges every year and going through different books, or books of the bible. One of my favorite things that has come out of this is the girl time we get to have every other week. Oh my. These women in this group literally no everything about me and still love me! I love getting to know them all on a heart level and learn what I can pray for them, or how I can help encourage them, or just how I can love them more. There are always tears (ok, mostly from me, but still) and you can guarantee there is always laughter. Welp. Last night was the last night that I will officially be in the group. The group yesterday consisted of Casey and I sharing what are plans are for the summer, and then basically asking what we would like prayers for in the future and next year. Then, we took time and they prayed over each of us. After that, we went around and found out what everyone is doing for the summer and took time praying for them too. Every year, we leave for the summer, a family and then we join back together at the beginning of next year and when I left last night, I guess that didn't sink in until later, but I am so sad to see this time of my life past. These people are my family and I love that I have gained so many deep brothers and sisters through all of the years I was on the team. Amazing. That is the word that comes to my mind. I have seen myself and others grow so much in the Lord and I just am so inspired by everyone. Every year. Through this family, I have also had the awesome opportunity to get to know the Sapp family. Nate and Erika are two of the most understanding, loving, caring, inspirational, amazing people. (Just to name a few traits) They are always there for you when you need them and I have had the amazing opportunity to also get to know their daughters and love on them every summer and during the school year. I have loved watching these girls grow into little girls that are beautiful and wanting to know the Lord. Some of the things that they say sometimes shock me because they make me want to learn more. They have such a hunger for knowledge. I love it. I just love this family with all of my heart. This whole experience has been such a blessing and I am just so thankful that I had this opportunity. =)

The amazing brothers and sisters I gained this year. =)
Goofiness. Quite normal actually.
The girls from this year with Erika. Love them!
=) haha
Casers and I. Love this lady.
The groups the past three years! =) They just make me smile. I love them all.

Long time, No see.

Yeah, I really am slacking on all of these posts! Geeze! SO much has happened in a month and a half-ish! Mal and I planned and hosted a formal for Challenge, I have taken some family pictures, I have babysat the girls I love so much, I have taken engagement pictures for an amazing couple, I have been up and down with emotions (like always) =), Our church at home got a new pastor, I have recently started thinking about my future A LOT, I am getting ready to help lead worship with the worship team for the last time (well at least while I am a member of the team), a lot of my friends and classmates are getting ready to graduate, so that makes the future seem a lot more real than it has for a while, and much more, but I can't really think of them right now. =) Anyway, this last month and a halfish, (or however long it has been) has been so good, yet kind of bad at the same time. I feel like the devil has hit me with my depression so so hard this last month, so I have lost a lot of sleep, and that kind of kick starts it again. But, let me tell you, I live with and around some of the most amazing people that I am blessed to call friends. They will just sit with me and either let me cry, or make me laugh, or just do anything to make me feel better. It is awesome and I am so truly blessed. =) So, I decided to put a whole lot of pictures together in collages to show you what kind of has been going on. Deal?

Christian Challenge went to Summit!
Was definitely an amazing week of community, mountains, God, worshipping, God and more community. =)
I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for this wonderful couple.
More pictures here 
I think I have finally taught her the beauty of funny face pictures. ;) Maybe.
Formal, picnic with two of my favorite girlies and family time!
My handsome cousin, Ethan. 
I got to meet JohnJack for the first time and it was amazing!
I also got to take family pictures for my cousin. Loved that too! 
Random pictures from their visit. =) I love my family.

I have loved watching the Sapp girls grow! They are beauties! I have loved being a babysitter to them too. Can't wait to continue watching them grow! I just love them. That family is a HUGE blessing to me. =)
And of course, when we are together, photoshoots happen. Here are some favorites from random shoots. =)