Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nutella Poptarts!

Last night, Becca was over and we were having a little sleepover and we decided that we should make something! So, I was looking at recipes and thinking about what I already had in my little food collection, so I found this super duper easy recipe for Nutella Poptarts! All you need is refrigerated pie crust and some nutella, and Viola! You are done! =) So, here are some step by step instructions if you want to try them! I only had one because Nutella is really rich, so I didn't really eat a lot, but we shared with the girls upstairs and they were great!

Gather your ingredients:
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
Spread flour out on a smooth surface
Roll out the pie crust
Cut 2x3 rectangles out of the dough, I used a ruler, but you don't have to!
Score the dough with a knife and then cut with a pizza cutter
Spread them out on a cookie sheet.
Put two teaspoons on one of the halves

Then place the other half on top
And seal them together with a fork
Poke holes in the top!
Becca wanted a smiley face... =)
It doesn't make very many, but it made a good amount for one pie crust! =)
I also covered the tops with nutella, we didn't have to much luck with drizzling. =)
I didn't get a picture of the final product either... sorry!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Now introducing...

The 901 gardens!! =) We have started growing things!! Rachel asked for a garden for her birthday, so her dad and grandma came up to our house and they built her one and that was our inspiration!! So, in her garden, there are tomatoes, arugala, lettuce, spinach and some more goodies that I can't remember. =) Then, I planted basil and chives in two seperate pots. Kaley planted some strawberries and I just got done planting cantaloupe, green beans and sugar snap peas! I can't wait to see them sprout over the summer! Here are some pictures of our little gardens!

My two pots with Basil and Chives with my little water gnomes =)
My basil is sprouting!
The chives are kind of there. If you look closely, you can see a teensy weensy little sprout. =)
Rachel's garden!
Love all the green!
The weather + barefoot = perfection. =)
Sugar Snap Peas
and Green beans! Strawberries are by the green beans, but no sign.
The garden by our house!
And, tomorrow morning, Kaley bug and I will be planting these beautiful flowers in front of our house! =) S

I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather!! =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amazing women.

This past weekend, I was able to photograph these amazing women. Everyone of these women have had an impact of my life and I love that I can call them sisters. If you ever have the chance, just sit down with the four of them and just sit back and watch them. You will be entertained for quite a while. They have been the best of friends for their whole lives and it shows! They are so full of joy and laughter! I just love them all!! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! =)

They are all stunning, right?! =)
Giving the "smolder" look
I love love love authentic laughing shots.
Love you girls!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Past Week

Man! My nose has been in books this past week, that everytime I would think of updating, I would forget or fall asleep. =) Finals are officially over and I have OFFICIALLY started summer vacation! Woot woot!! =D Holy cow... This semester has been so strange! We had so many snow days at my school, and I had three surgeries that got behind too. I never thought this semester of school would end! I am so glad it has though! Only for the school work though. I kind of want to freeze time when it comes to friends and the seniors that are graduating and moving away. If you know me, I absolutely HATE change. So, now that a lot of my dear friends are moving away, that is change, therefore, I hate it. Dang. I am super excited for every single one of them and cannot wait to see where God takes them!! =D This past week or two has been packed full of challenge events/random things that I thought I would share with all of you! Well, it consisted of the last 834 group time, the last worship team time, a wedding, The Casual (a dance), midnight runs to IHOP, Studying, studying, OH! and more studying, The Last challenge and a bonfire/worship night of awesomeness. =) Don't worry, I won't put pictures from EVERYTHING, that post would be way to long and I feel like you would get bored, so I will just put up a couple from some of them =) So, if you are in college, I wish you luck on all of your finals and ending of school times and if you aren't, I wish you luck in whatever you are doing at this point, and I hope that everyone is loving this weather that God has blessed us with!! =)

First started with an orange leaf date with my very dear friend from high school and her daughter! =) Loved it!
Studying... Oy.
Some of the best women that you could ever know.
I just love them all and was honored to be one of their LIFE group leaders this year!!
2 pictures of me with some of my favorite girls. =)
Porch time with one of my roomies.
The amazing worship team. =) Love them!
Random pics. 2 are from the worship night, then the other 2 are pictures of me with two amazing people at the last challenge. =)
Worship at the last challenge
The note card pile that was my choice of study tool. They took about 2 hours, but were definitely worth it!
During our random trip to IHOP, we each drew pictures on our receipts for our waitress. =) We hope we made her smile!!

Toasting some marshmallows!
The Sapp girls loving their smores at the Pot 2 campfire night =)

Man! I love my life! =D