Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh so soon.

Welp, It is officially that time of my life. Everything is changing. Some good and some bad. In a week, things will start getting real for me, at least I think... My roomie Sam is moving to Illinois. I am so excited for her, but also very sad! When she is gone, I know that things are really going to start sinking in and I am going to realize what I am going to miss! For those of you who don't know (for the few that probably read this) I moved my moving date from August to June. June 8th to be exact. Holy stress batman, right? Well, yes, and no. I am so excited to move home. I have really been having AWESOME quiet times recently and I am really finding an odd peace within me about moving. There are quite a few people that I am going to miss so much, and I have also realized that it isn't as many as I thought it would be. I have really been evaluating the relationships that I have with people and I have realized that I don't have as many close people here anymore. I have a handful of amazing co-workers, and a few families here that I am really the closest to. My other heart friends are spread out everywhere and it is great. :) There are some awesome opportunities waiting for me when I am in Newton, and I am so excited to push on throughout the struggles of moving homes, moving jobs, moving BACK in with my mom (love you, mom!), pursuing photography even stronger thanks to some great people, leaving a place that I have called home for the last 5 years and leaving some amazing people. One of the families that I think I will miss the most though, is the precious Sapp family. I know that I have talked about them so so many times, but I do have to say, I don't know if they will ever understand the impact that they have had on my life. I have been at the lowest points and they have been there for me every time that has happened. Nate and Erika have blessed me with the opportunity to babysit their amazing girls since the end of my freshman year here. I have loved watching these girls blossom into great little treasures of our Lord. I love their curiosity for life and for God and they have taught me so much that they don't even realize. I know that I am moving and I am crushed that I won't be able to be as close to them, or even be in little Hunter's life as well, but being only an hour and forty five minutes away helps. :) I will definitely shed a tear when I have to say goodbye to them. I also have to say thank you to the amazing family that has opened up their basement to three (now two) crazy girls and being a second family to us. The Classen family is one of the most inspirational, caring families that I think I have ever met. They are so loving and you can tell that they genuinely love. That is becoming more rare in people nowadays, and it is comforting to call their basement home. Their 3 kids have blessed me also. The laughter that they bring always lights up my day when I walk in that door no matter what mood I am in. Whether it is me coming back from a great weekend at home and missing peeps from there already or coming home from a poopy day at work, I can usually count on them to bring a smile on my face. :) More tears will come from that. Well, talking about telling the people I love in Manhattan goodbye is not fun, so, moving on! I am very excited to see where God takes me in the job market too. I might be transferring to Menards and look for a job then in Newton so I don't have to drive, but I am also excited to see what he does with my photography business. One of the amazing families in Newton is really determined in seeing my photography succeed and that in itself is uber encouraging and I cannot wait to make my business even bigger and hopefully reach more people! That is just one of the many reasons home is getting more excited. I will write more about that later. This blog post is already long enough. ;) So, for the next month I will be trying my hardest to just cherish what I have here and now and try not to focus on home. That will be hard, but I am going to try! I know. I am being a little bit dramatic, but that is how I do, so whatever. :) 

Sam and I threw a pizza party/movie night for the Classen kiddos and the Sapp kiddos the other night and I wanted to share some of the precious pictures! :) 

Me and all of the wonderful children. :)

Ahh. My girls.

Best of friends!

Love these children with all of my heart!

:) :) :)

Oh what a little heart breaker!

These children bless me. So much.

Best friends!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
-Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite verse ever and definitely helpful for the next month. :)