Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long time, No see.

Yeah, I really am slacking on all of these posts! Geeze! SO much has happened in a month and a half-ish! Mal and I planned and hosted a formal for Challenge, I have taken some family pictures, I have babysat the girls I love so much, I have taken engagement pictures for an amazing couple, I have been up and down with emotions (like always) =), Our church at home got a new pastor, I have recently started thinking about my future A LOT, I am getting ready to help lead worship with the worship team for the last time (well at least while I am a member of the team), a lot of my friends and classmates are getting ready to graduate, so that makes the future seem a lot more real than it has for a while, and much more, but I can't really think of them right now. =) Anyway, this last month and a halfish, (or however long it has been) has been so good, yet kind of bad at the same time. I feel like the devil has hit me with my depression so so hard this last month, so I have lost a lot of sleep, and that kind of kick starts it again. But, let me tell you, I live with and around some of the most amazing people that I am blessed to call friends. They will just sit with me and either let me cry, or make me laugh, or just do anything to make me feel better. It is awesome and I am so truly blessed. =) So, I decided to put a whole lot of pictures together in collages to show you what kind of has been going on. Deal?

Christian Challenge went to Summit!
Was definitely an amazing week of community, mountains, God, worshipping, God and more community. =)
I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for this wonderful couple.
More pictures here 
I think I have finally taught her the beauty of funny face pictures. ;) Maybe.
Formal, picnic with two of my favorite girlies and family time!
My handsome cousin, Ethan. 
I got to meet JohnJack for the first time and it was amazing!
I also got to take family pictures for my cousin. Loved that too! 
Random pictures from their visit. =) I love my family.

I have loved watching the Sapp girls grow! They are beauties! I have loved being a babysitter to them too. Can't wait to continue watching them grow! I just love them. That family is a HUGE blessing to me. =)
And of course, when we are together, photoshoots happen. Here are some favorites from random shoots. =)

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