Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lasts

Tis the season for goodbyes. Oy vey. Well, it is good, but let me just tell you, this year it is probably one of the hardest. I am saying goodbye to roommates that have become family, a worship team of brothers and sisters that have made such an impact on my life, and just telling old friends goodbye and not knowing when I will see them. It is hard. I don't mind growing up, but I just want all of us to live around each other and it will all be grand. =) Whale. I know that isn't going to happen, so I guess I will just deal with my friends graduating and moving away and just soaking in all of these moments we have left together! Here are some pictures of some of the 'lasts' that have been happening. =)

Hanging out with the group from freshman year before we all go separate ways. =)
The Challenge family!! So great!
Girls from my freshman 834 group. Such huge blessings throughout my whole college career.

Last impromtu photo shoot at the 901
Worship team BBQ. Not my lasts with these girls, just had to put some of these up. =) 
Oh these girls are wonderful. I love getting the chance to  babysit them and be in their lives.

Every time. It never fails.
Are they seriously not the cutest!?
They just warm my heart.
Thank you boys. I love you guys too. =)


  1. love, love, love it! And YOU! I know that leaving your friends is hard, but, when they are true "heart friends" like your mama and me, you will ALWAYS be in eachother's lives, no matter what....
    Love, Anna

  2. such sweet pictures!! Grant's and Keevin's CRACK me up. I do plan on getting you the photos you requested, by the way. Sorry it's taking so long!