Saturday, November 19, 2011


Wowzers. Sorry for my like month absence from this. I have been actually pretty busy and my mind just hasn't been focused on writing blog posts... I don't even really know how many people read this, so I don't think I am really letting a lot of people down. Haha =) I just had a 'Lily moment' from The Princess Diaries where she said that her cable show only reached 12 viewers. Maybe that is like this? Oh well, that was a pointless rambling session. Anywho. I have recently became addicted to It is basically a website that you can put in your interests and it is a virtual bulletin board of dreams, crafts, ideas and all around awesomeness. Well, while looking at it, it makes my creative side start to imagine a lot of stuff I can do someday! Well, I saw this on one of the boards and instantly fell in love! I love love love love anything and everything to do with colors, and the next day I just decided that I had to do it. Brittany then told me that she had a friend that had done it and she wanted to do it too! Soooooo, about a month and a half later, we are doing it! So, I grabbed some crayons, a canvas, a bowl of pomegranate, a spoon, a hot glue gun and a hair dryer and went to town! We also had the KSU vs. Texas game on and that also helped. =) So, here is how you do it!

First: Line your crayons up in how you want them on the canvas.
Then, start hot gluing them to the canvas!
It takes a while.
Now, time to start blow drying!
Woot! This is the part where it gets to be time consuming. It takes a while for it to start to run down the canvas. =) But it is totally worth it.
Oh my. Happiness.
Even the cardboard underneath is happy!

She put hearts on hers.. It looked pretty sweet too. =)

Well, there ya go! A pretty inexpensive fun little craft for you next rainy/snowy day! I hope that everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving break and an even more blessed, and amazing Thanksgiving day!

"Give Thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." -Psalm 107:1

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