Wednesday, October 19, 2011

901 Family Pictures!

Hello! Man. I am totally lacking on this thing I used to do called blogging... Well, nothing big has been happening in my life... Just loving it! =) Man, I look at people who are just miserable at work, or at school, or just in general, and I have a huge calmness come over me and realize that I am so blessed! Wow. I definitely take that for granted. Unfortunately. But, even though I have some TOUGH things that have happened and I am sure will happen in the future, I know that God's hand is on me and recently have really been thinking about my friendships also. I have met a lot of people in challenge, that are acquaintances, but not heart friends. God has truly blessed me in the area of heart friends though, not only the girls in my life group, or my brothers in Christ who are seriously amazing, but also in my house. The 5 other girls in my house bless me so incredibly much! They know me from the inside out. We all know what makes each other happy, and we know what makes each other sad. These girls are some of the biggest blessings in my life and they are true sisters. This last Saturday, we took family pictures around Manhattan, Keats and other places around that general direction. =) So, here they are!

The Family!
I love them.
Cliche fall shot, but I love it!
Yeah. We are pretty much a band. Look for our cd soon. =)
I love living in Kansas!
Yeah, we are awesome. =)
We all took individual shots too!
There is a lot of laughter and love in this household. =)

I hope that you all have those heart friends too, if you don't, I would suggest that you truly need them! They just warm your hearts!

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