Monday, September 26, 2011


The last time I went home, it was a weekend full of family. It was wonderful! (Well, for the most part) On friday, we had the hall of fame stuff from my last post, and then on Saturday, my mom, sister and I drove around Newton and I got to take pictures of our wonderful, historic town. =) It was actually a lot of fun! First, we went to my grandpa's store. We took the longest there, but I pretty much took pictures of everything in there. It was awesome to explore it with my sister. We went up to the attic space, and into the basement. I don't remember ever going into the basement, so that was a fun new adventure! =) Here are some pictures of our lovely family store and then some Newton ones at the bottom!

The view of the store from the balcony =)

The stairs up to the balcony and then the view looking down.
A ledger from 1908. It was awesome to find such old things!

I loved this. It was painted on the wall. =)

The door on the left is signed by a lot of amazing Anderson men, my dad's is the C.R.A "81" =)
Then, that is the safe on the right
You have to have a little fun, right? Of course we had a photoshoot in the mirror. hehe
We were all sporting purple to support K-State. I am glad Em made us all wear purple. ;)
Love them!
The Golden Rule. Love it.

The register!
All of the varieties of lead
Pens, markers and highlighters. Oh My!
So many school/office supplies!
Great old drawers
My grandpa's desk and a sweater that has been hanging there forever and my grandpa in the background. =)
My Great Grandpa's type writer =)
The store front. =)

Love this old building!
Historic Carnegie Library and the Historic Train Station
Train Station again!
Historic Fox Theatre
Our courthouse
My Church! Isn't it beautiful? =)
Of course, we got stopped by a train, so I hopped out and grabbed a shot! =)

Hope you have enjoyed a little semi-tour of my hometown! =)

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