Friday, July 8, 2011

Independence Day! =D

Hello friends!! I hope that everyone had such an amazing 4th of July! I know I did! I was able to come home all week (minus a trip back for a day of work and a meeting) to Newton and I loved it! I have been needing a trip home for quite sometime. All I have been able to get lately were little 1 day quick visits that, quite frankly, were not cutting it. It has been swell! My cousin Jonny's best friend came from Seattle and it was great! It was like having a little piece of Jonny with us for the fourth again. =D It has also been a great time for the three of us to be together, aka, my mom, sister and I. There has been a lot of laughter and that truly is the best medicine. It has also been a great time to catch up on stuff going on with my art show! Not all of you know, but I am getting the amazing opportunity to co-host an art show in Halstead and I am so excited about it! My stuff will be going up tomorrow and it will be in the Gallery until the 20th of August, but we will have an actual show July 30. Here are some pictures of the week! Actually, they are from the fourth, we have yet to do a trio photo shoot, but enjoy my Fourth pics!! =D

When we got there, we found this cutie in the pool

This cutie was taking a nap, and didn't like the big boom that woke her up

And this little angel was just precious!! Then it was time for our annual tradition! The Potato Gun!!! I love it! =D Bobby loves his guns... ;)Bobby aiming for his target with the potato gun and Kevin giving it a try =) Bobby and Kevin on the bikes!

Uncle Bobby has his tounge out everytime he is concentrating... I thought I would capture it =)

Putting the tator in and then adding the 'power' aka, hairspray =)

I absolutely adore my uncle Bob. He is ENDLESS entertainment!

Kinsley is precious! Look at her cheeks! =)

Time for fireworks!Loved playing with my camera/lenses during the fireworks!

I loved this one!
Before we left, we had to get a couple pictures:

Ethan and I and our silly faces

We told him to show us his teeth, and this is what he showed us =)

Oh I love him! He was cracking all of us up!

The amazing Slaughter family and Emiy and I =) Thank you guys for loving Jonny all those years and thanks for coming to Kansas this year!

I hope everyone had a great great GREAT fourth of July!! =D

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