Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Camp

This past sunday, I had the awesome opportunity of taking pictures of our summer camp at NewHope. =) It was so fun! I am just learning how to use the Manual setting on my camera too, so it was a perfect opportunity to practice! =) I love love LOVE working with the kids program. I love seeing the innocence of children and their way of thinking that is so simple, yet so awesome! It is an amazing learning opportunity for me and for the other leaders as well! Huge blessing! Here are some pictures! (We had to be inside because mother nature didn't want us to have a water fight apparently...)

The welcome sign =)
The two team signs. I am a Crazy Crocodile leader =)

These two adore each other. It is so cute to watch!
Learning the actions to the songs
Mindi: Our fearless leader ;)
Orange Crush following Miss Mindi
The kids yelling (Yes. Really yelling) our camp chant

The camp chant!
Dawson showing how strong he is...
Moving their paper balls across the line
The paper ball fight between the Crazy Crocodiles...
Orange Crush's turn!
Three great boys enjoying a little treat after Summer Camp =)

My church is AWESOME. =D

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