Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A great great weekend. =)

This past weekend was super duper amazingly fantastic! =) It started on Friday morning around 5:15 in the morning (which is odd, because I soooo do not do mornings) but, it was good and I was in a good mood because I was on my way to Kansas City to pick my sister up from the airport! She hasn't been home since she moved to Nashville in January! I was talking about it all week and I was so excited! So, I got to spend the WHOLE day with her and I didn't have to share her with anyone! =) It was awesome. Well, I shared her for a couple minutes with a few people, but other than that, it was all me. =) Then, I came home around 6 on Friday night and we got ready for our moustache party here at the 901. Yep, you read correctly. I said a moustache party. What is it you ask? Oh, it was just a few hours of pure awesome. =) We have been wanting to have a party/excuse to get a lot of people together for a long time, so about a month and a half ago, we planned on having a moustache party! It is a fun, unique idea and I honestly recommend it to anyone! That started at 8 and we had pictures of famous people with famous moustaches, cupcakes with moustaches on them, a picture frame for great picture taking fun, and prizes for best moustache! It was so much fun! (Pictures below.) I definitely think that another should happen, if it will, I don't know, but a girl can dream, right? =) Then, I worked on Saturday and Sunday and then on Sunday night was the auction for Christian Challenge to raise money for the FOCUS teams this summer. It is always amazing how awesome God is. I will never stop being amazed. =) This years goal was to raise $4500 and our final count was $13,140. God is so incredibly amazing! To amazing for words!! It was an awesome time of community and just a great time to (once again) prove Gods faithfulness in these situations. =) So, I hope that all of you had an amazing weekend and that you are loving this amazing weather God has given us! Now, enjoy pictures from party!

We had quite a buffet...
The cupcakes had moustaches!
Those of us from the worship team that came
Shannon even showed up! =D
love my twin. =)
Oh my. That is all I can say for both pictures.
2 of my amazing roommates. =)
George won first and Jared and Grant (the creeps) won 2nd =)
=) =) =)
I am blessed with amazing friends.
The girls of the 901 minus Rachy Rach
Another one of the worship team peeps.
The girls representing the Amish Hippies!
He couldn't find his facial hair...
Love her. =)
Hope you have enjoyed them!! =)

I hope you have a superb day!!

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  1. Love the post and the pictures....looks like you all had a good time!!!! :)