Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a blessing. =)

Oh goodness! With everything I have been through this summer, I realized that it would be hard to smile and laugh, the major reason I still do is God =), but one of the other reasons I can continue to laugh and smile would be because of the amazing family known as the Sapps. =) (Erika's blog is here) These people are just such a blessing to me and I don't know what my life would be without them. This summer I get the most amazing opportunity to babysit their two adorable girls (Malia and Josie) all summer long! Oh goodness. How amazing! =D These two girls could put a smile on anyones face no matter what mood they are in =)
So, Sapps, thank you so so much for being such an amazing family and being there for me when I need! =) Love you guys!!

See?! How can you not smile when you see these girls smile!? =)


  1. Oh my! I am behind on blogging and just saw this! Well, Erica, I must say that the blessing is two-fold. We are so glad to know you and all that is a part of your life! Thank you for being an example to my girls of a young woman who loves God and wants to live for Him. We love you!